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Colour works with your mind, body, and soul. IF you have the right positive energy, an accent of colour can radiate that energy and make your vibrance shine for the world to see.

At Lidya's we use only the best products from Europe to add an accent of colour to your look. The products we favour are Schwarzkopf (Germany), Renee's Carmen (France), Uns (Italy) and Vella (Italy). We believe that its absolutely necessary to use the very best products if you're looking for the best results. With our European colour treatment, our products contain 6X more pigments than the standard product and can brighten your hair in as fast as 10 minutes!

Each product comes with its own shampoo and conditioner and its important that you use the right products. By using better quality shampoos and conditioners we can make sure that your hair comes out looking great, without dryness or damage.